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Made to measure social media marketing – Present, Engage, Connect.

The most powerful communication vehicle of today resides in social media marketing. Opportunities for brand marketing, image creation and cultivation, as well as product development are endless on the many social media platforms we have at our fingertips today. To compete in this online age it is vital to develop a strong digital strategy. With so many social media marketing channels available it can sometimes be difficult to decide on the best approach.

Bespoke Social media campaigns leverage a business’ USP’s, aim for higher web traffic, strong brand presence, increase customer loyalty, satisfaction and are a great way to generate leads for your team to close sales. Consistently pursuing a brand message across both online and traditional channels by mapping the minefield of social media marketing is one way in which we are all changing the way we market your brand. Harvesting intelligent details from our online research and presence we are able to prepare an accurate web plan and goals for mutual brand success online.

• Profile branding management
• Content marketing – web, creative, digital media
• Social post content integration, step by step planning and execution
• Monitor and analyze KPI’s consistently
• Online advertising
• SEO. article marketing, link building, keyword rich, on site optimization
• Press, editorial, keyword copywriting, email, newsletters raising profile on PR sites.
• Major Social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram.

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